Information on the DAA File Extension

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    • Power ISO is the software program that creates .daa filles.


    • A file with the .daa file extension is known as a Power ISO Direct-Access-Archive.


    • A .daa file contains an exact replica of a CD or DVD created with Power ISO. The .daa file extension serves as a marker to your computer, allowing it to distinguish and recognize the copy.


    • The .daa files feature compression, meaning they are made smaller to take up less space on your computer and fit easily onto a blank CD or DVD. Power ISO provides the option to save .daa files with password protection, which prohibits the file from being opened or burned to a CD without the password.


    • Power ISO is available for both Windows and Linux-based computers. For Mac OS X computers, a program like DAA Converter for OS X from Twilight Edge Software must be used to transform the .daa file to an accessible format.


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