The Best Stocks to Invest In

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In recent years, cities, states and even countries all over the world have been figuring out ways to address the climate change and to both preserve and make new energy.
Green technology is not new, however going green is a growing trend that many companies are gearing toward.
Because of national and state regulations, many businesses are being forced to go green in the next 10 years.
Green technology has to be made by a company before it can be used.
There have been several companies that have been identified as solid companies that will greatly profit from the green technology that they offer.
These profits can be passed onto you, with the right stocks to invent in.
Stocks to Invest In - ABB Using less energy is an obvious solution when it comes to preserving the global energy fuels.
As politicians continue to pass bills that require all of us to cut back our energy use, the companies that offer energy-efficient products will be in great demand.
ABB is predicting 25 percent annual earning gains over the next decade.
This is largely because they sale power-transmission equipment that can reduce the energy loss between the end user and the power plant.
They also have strong sales in their industrial equipment that includes energy-efficient motors and robotics.
As cities across the globe replace aging power-transmission equipment, ABB is expected to see a steady increase in sales as the globe goes green, and that makes it one of the stocks to invest in.
Stocks to Invest In - American Standard American Standard has been in business for over 78 years.
You may have seen the name "American Standard" in your bathroom or kitchen.
So that this company can focus on its most profitable division, American Standard is finalizing the sale of the kitchen and bath division of their business.
This will make way for them to focus on making energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems.
Selling under the Trane brand, they are the leader when it comes to energy-efficient climate-control systems.
American Standard will be one of the great stocks to invest in because the cooling and heating of buildings account for 1/3 of the energy demand.
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is one of the biggest shareholders of American Standard.
Stocks To Invest In - Covanta Why not turn our garbage into energy? That is exactly what Covanta does.
Covanta is the leader when it comes to waste-to-energy facilities.
They currently operate 32 waste-to-energy plants that generate power by making steam and heat from burning trash and municipal waste.
Companies that haul trash pay Covanta to accept their truck loads of trash.
This is a great advantage as land fills across the United States are quickly filling up.
While the shortage of natural gas and oil is a concern, there will never be a shortage of trash that the millions of people product every day in the United States.
That is why Covanta is one of the stocks to invest in as we find new ways to go green and find ways to address the climate change.

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