Hit Your Irons More Solid Every Time

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Learning how to hit your irons solid can seem like a tough task to master.
But it all starts from the set-up.
Doing a few simple things at set-up will help you swing correctly.
You'll be hitting the irons more solidly every time.
Follow these tips...
Ball Position For Different Irons- Short Irons= Middle of stance.
Mid Irons= A little forward in stance.
Long Irons= Aligned with the inside of the left foot.
This is an extremely important concept.
When you are hitting a short iron, the bottom of your swing will be further to your back of your stance just because of the length of the shaft.
The longer the club gets, the farther forward (towards the left) the bottom of your swing becomes because the length of the shaft.
Hit Down and Through To Hit It Solid- For all irons, you want to hit down on the ball, then make contact with the ground.
A lot of amateurs will try to hit up on the ball and take the ground completely out of the equation.
This causes hitting the ground first, topping the ball, shanks, and all sorts of mis-hits.
So we want to make sure we hit the ball a fraction of a moment before the ground.
But don't be shy about taking a divot.
You can still hit the ball very solid and take a huge divot.
Hands Ahead of the Club Face at Impact- You want your hands to be slightly ahead of the club face at impact.
This kind of goes along with the last tip.
Having your hands slightly ahead of the club face at impact will allow you to hit down and through the ball.

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