How to Make an Online Link to a Website

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    • 1). Find the website or item online you want to link to, and click on it to make it appear in your web browser. Highlight the URL address listed in the web browser's address bar at the top of the window, then press and hold "ctrl" then "C" to copy it. Using the mouse's right-click button and selecting "Copy" from the menu that pops up will perform the same action, if your browser supports this feature. Double-check to make sure the entire address is highlighted, as the link will not work if the hypertext transfer protocol (the beginning of most web addresses, "http://") or any other elements of the web address are missing.

    • 2). Type the word or phrase to which you want to attach the link in your word processor document or wherever you plan to make the comment. For example, if the web address you're linking to shows a bicycle you plan to purchase, you might use "my new bike." Surround the chosen phrase with quotation marks to "tell" the HTML code what your link text is. Move the cursor to the beginning of the word or phrase and enter the left angle bracket (<, the "less than" symbol).

    • 3). Enter the lower-case letter "a" next to the left angle bracket, followed by a space and the letters "href." Enter the equals sign right after the "f" in "href," with no space in between. Using this example, the text you just entered should read: <a href="/links/?u=my new bike." Click "ctrl" then "V" or right-click the mouse and select "Paste" to place the web address you copied between the equals sign and the start of the descriptive word or phrase.

    • 4). Enter > at the end of the web address, to "close" the angle brackets. Following the above example, you should now see something like <a href=(copied web address)>"my new bike." Move the cursor to the end of the word or phrase and enter another < symbol, followed by a forward slash and lower-case "a" closed by a > symbol (</a>). The finished product of the example will show: <a href=(copied web address)>"my new bike"</a>.

    • 5). Publishing your comment will make the HTML code you entered seem to disappear (including the quotation marks around your word or phrase), leaving you with a clickable link bearing the words you chose. Clicking the words "my new bike" or whatever term you chose should now take readers directly to the website you specified.


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