Take Control Of Your Finances And Negotiate Your Own Mortgage Modification

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Everyone is talking about mortgage modifications. Since it is a new trend and a major moneymaking opportunity, many companies have popped up that will help you get your mortgage loan modified. How do you know what one should be trusted? If everyone is offering to do it for free, how hard can it be to do it yourself? For your fathers and grandfathers, visiting the bank was a very momentous occasion and the banker was a very imposing, intimidating person. For some, this feeling of being overwhelmed or in awe has continued. What must be remembered is that the borrower is the customer. Professionals are not people to be put on pedestals; they are service providers. A bank makes a lot of money from a mortgage. Do not be intimidated, this allows the bank to control the finances and in the case of a mortgage loan modification, you might not get everything you need.

If you are going to do your own home loan modification you need to learn some important things:
* How do you start?

* What institution will handle your loan? You need an accredited institution that is endorsed by the government and one that has a good reputation. A large bank is your best bet. Remember you are not making a commitment, just investigating your options.

* What will you need to complete the application? Get all the forms, read them carefully and then ask questions. Don't just get started right away, you want to know what you are facing. Again, you don't have to make a commitment at this point.

* Work out an itemize budget. This is part of the application process. You have to prove to the bank you are really trying to make your payments but cannot. Be realistic and be honest, a bank will know if you are manipulating the numbers.

* Shop around.

* Find the lowest interest rate. You want to get the best rate, so inquire at several banks. A reduction by one percentage point will save your thousands of dollars over the term of the loan.

* Have someone review the contract. This is the one area you really need to get another opinion. Look for a lawyer with a good reputation and pay them for an hour to look it over. They understand contracts and can find loopholes.

It is possible to do your own loan modification and you feel better having taken control of your own financial situation rather than letting the bank dictate it. The biggest threat in the midst of difficult times is a feeling of helplessness and you do not have to be helpless.

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