How do I Remove the Console Cover in a 2002 Lexus Ls430?

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    • 1). Open the center console lid and remove any items from within the console.

    • 2). Grasp the air vent unit in the back portion of the center console and lift directly up to remove it. There are four bolts and one screw beneath the air vent unit.

    • 3). Remove the four bolts beneath the air vent unit using a ratchet. Remove the single screw using a Phillips screwdriver.

    • 4). Peel the plastic pad in the bottom of the center console up to remove it.

    • 5). Remove the two bolts beneath the plastic pad using a ratchet.

    • 6). Lay a soft cloth over the shift gate panel to prevent scratching it while you are removing the console.

    • 7). Sit in the back seat and lift up on the center console unit from the rear.

    • 8). Shine a flashlight beneath the console unit and find the two electrical connections; one is for the cigarette lighter and the other for the console light.

    • 9). Press the clips on the two electrical connectors and disconnect them.

    • 10

      Lift the unit directly up to remove it from the vehicle.

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      Place the center console unit upside down on a towel in a clean work space.

    • 12

      Remove the screws around the upper outside edge (near the top) of the center console unit using a Phillips screwdriver.

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      Remove the screws that secure the latch to the console cover using a Phillips screwdriver.

    • 14

      Turn the console unit over and open the lid. Remove the screws securing the hinges in place and remove the cover.


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