Challenges Faced By Professionals Working As A Life Coach For Teenagers

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As soon as life coaches master the balance between teaching and coaching that is most effective for coaching teenagers, there are other challenges that they must address. Coaching a teenager is different than coaching an adult. One of the differences is that the parents must be kept involved in the coaching process, but the teenagers trust and confidence must be respected. Life coaching for teens is similar to being a life coach for the whole family. One of the most fulfilling aspects of coaching is seeing changes happen, not just in your client's life, but in the lives of those around your client.

As a life coach for a teenager, it is helpful to remember that you are also a coach for the parents. It doesn't mean that coaching teens also means having formal life coaching sessions with the parents, but the parents are an essential part of the success of the student. Parents must be a part of the coaching process if the life coaching is going to be effective for the student. Coaches need to figure out how to communicate directly and effectively with parents to form strategies and help the parents understand the coaching process. In that way, teenagers can be successful in their home environment as well as academic environment.

Making life coaching cool and desirable for teenagers can be a challenge. Students talk to each other about their lives and they often assume that if their peer is getting help from outside professional, that something must be wrong with their performance. However, those in the business community take a different perspective. They know that working with a coach is a sign that you are trying to excel and thrive in your area. The key here is helping high school students understand and realize that working with a coach has a positive a benefit and will help them grow and thrive in all areas of their life. It helps to frame coaching as a way to help high school students write better college applications and approach the college application process from an organic point of view. Working with teenagers to develop their leadership and communication skills as well as performing better academically, are extremely helpful for the college application and these students naturally make better candidates.

Using these solutions to navigate these two common challenges is proven to work. If you are ready to become a Life Coaching for Teens or you have questions about coaching training, please contact academic life coaching at [email protected]

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