Nike rely on the rule of protecting environment on re-use Nike Air Max shoes to Nike78 project

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In mordern society, serious environmental pollution haunt people. Goveronment put policy to make sure that factories not random release of pollutants. Doctors research the chemical composition of products that do not harm to human body. Manafactors actively invest in environmental protection so that reassured customers to buy their products. From 1990s till now, there are more than ten factories to do so, the best one who comply with this rule is Nike.

As the best sport shoes in the sportworld, Nike has changed their ways of manufactory direction. From Nike Air-the first Nike basketball shoes to Nike Football Shoes, Nike has shown their powers of creativity. Many youngers buy Nike just because shoes' stylish appearance, but for more adult they must make sure that Nike shoes is good for their health. Recently, Nike shoes cooperate with ipod and new technology with wii parts - it is hard for people to test this products without consider their health problem.

As part of the NIKE78 project, designer Nick Marsh took Nike's challenge of hacking a pair of shoes to create something new, infusing them with parts taken from a Nintendo Wii. The result is a pair of interactive footwear that can control characters in a Wii game, based on the wearer's movements. As more advanced systems like the upcoming Microsoft Kinect platform reach the consumer market at affordable prices, we expect to see a number of innovative developments take shape which take advantage of natural, playful motions to create compelling experiences. We also anticipate ideas like the above, integrating systems for capturing and analyzing fitness behavior over time as well, perhaps by hacking Nike+ functionality into part of the game. Really funny with it, from development of Nike Air Max shoes, Nike78 prject is not a new part of Nike shoes, just a re-use of Nike shoes, which based on the policy Nike promised.

The Nike Re-Use a Shoe Program is part of Nike's Considered Design Program, where the company makes high performance products while creating the smallest environmental impact possible. Nike's Considered Design goals of eliminating toxic substances, reducing waste, and using a higher volume of sustainable materials, are the cornerstone of the Re-Use a Shoe recycling program.

Old running shoes are dropped off at collection sites around the world. The company offers a mail-in option for individual's not located near a collection site. The shoes are then delivered to Nike's Wilsonville, Oregon facility and the Meerhout, Belgium facility. Shoes are separated into three parts, and then ground up. Every part, of the old shoes, is recycled into Nike Grind.

It is a project to protect environment, also a recycling of Nike shoes. The old discontinued Nike series is a waste to backlog in the warehouse, with the recycling, it can produced to new high technology Nike series. Instead of play Nike Shoes Sale game to deceive consumers, Nike78 the shoe which cooporate with new technology can expand Nike market to game fans. For other manufactors, this method may lead them to consider of changing their ways of manufacoty to an environmental sustainable development.

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