How to Beat Operation C for Game Boy

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    Kick Alien Behind

    • 1). Shoot down the capsules that fly across the screen. These contain new, high-powered weapons that will prove very useful. The hunter gun shoots projectiles that work like homing missiles, while the fire gun lays down an explosive blast in front of you. The spread gun shoots multiple bullets and works somewhat like a shotgun.

    • 2). Combine spread capsules for a stronger attack. If you get two spread capsules before collecting other weapons, your fire will increase from three bullets at a time to five.

    • 3). Use the hunter gun to defeat the hovercrafts and the stealth submarine below you in the first level. If you do not have this gun, you must jump and shoot below you to beat these enemies.

    • 4). Take out the gun ports of the second-level boss, the Super Tank, one at a time while avoiding the flame gun in the center of the tank. The hunter gun will again prove useful here.

    • 5). Lie down in Level Three when you see a trap door ahead. This will allow you to shoot the cannons as they pop up and avoid their bullets.

    • 6). Continuously kill the android attackers in Level Three to pick up points and extra lives. If you stay in one spot, they will keep coming and you can keep shooting. For every 20,000 points you earn, you gain a 1-up.

    • 7). Take out each of the gun ports of the third-level boss, Borg, then concentrate your fire on the scout drone that flies overhead.

    • 8). Defeat the final boss by shooting down or dodging its missile attack, then jumping over its pincer arms that float at you. Before it fires, it hesitates. This is your chance to fire back. Repeat to defeat the Black Viper's bodyguard, then enter the next chamber and blow up the alien supercomputer to finish the game.


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