How to Become a Massachusetts Montessori Teacher

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    • 1). Complete a college degree. This can be any bachelor's degree, however a degree specializing in education is preferred.

    • 2). Apply for admission into a Montessori-accredited teacher training school.

    • 3). Enroll in classes that suit your desired area of teaching. Most teachers will specify a particular age range, for example elementary or secondary school age. Classes typically run for one full year or a series of summer semesters; you may want to check what each school offers before enrolling. At the end of the teaching period, you will be tested in both oral and written examinations. You must pass both of these tests before you can proceed to the next step.

    • 4). Spend one year as a teacher's apprentice in a Montessori school. During this period, you will be observed in a real teaching environment, and you must exhibit the skills required of a Montessori teacher. You must pass this apprenticeship period to receive a Montessori certification for teaching.

    • 5). Sit and pass the MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure) exams.

    • 6). Obtain a Massachusetts state teaching license. You will need proof of your college degree, your Montessori certification and proof that you have passed all MTEL exams.

    • 7). Look for a job as a Montessori teacher. Try contacting schools in your area directly, or check the Montessori classifieds board.


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