Choosing A Butane Lighter

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Most cigar and pipe smokers like to use a butane lighter to light their tobacco. Butane supposedly limits the effects some lighting fuel has on the taste of tobacco. It is also safer to use, as it burns into only carbon dioxide and water vapor. It also burns hotter than other fuels. This is evident in the blue color of the expelled flame, whereas most lighters using other fuels burn orange. Due to the increasing desire to use butane lighters, most manufacturers of lighters offer a line of butane lighters.  Butane is most useful for pipes because they shoot the flame out in one direction as opposed to a flame from a standard lighter. Using a standard lighter on a pipe is more difficult because the flame tries to go into the air when the lighter is tipped, possibly missing the lighter and burning the hand. Butane lighters prevent injury, shooting the flame in the desired direction, limiting hand burning. This is also a useful feature of a lighter because a cigar does not need to be held to the mouth for lighting and can be lit from one hand to the other.

Butane lighters burn in a straight, forceful line, allowing for easier, more precise cigar and pipe lighting. They can come designed with windproof flames, which are wider and more difficult to disperse with wind or blow out. This enables the lighter to be used during times of high winds or other natural occurrences that would generally put out a flame. They come in single flame, double flame, triple flame, and quadruple flame options, depending on the necessity.

Butane lighters come in various styles, including the more elegant ones for smokers who desire a classy, refined appearance, but they cost around $50 per lighter, and butane fuel is not altogether cheap either. Styles can vary by the lighter. Vintage styles might have silver or silver colored plating with monogramming designed to look like older style lighters. Novelty styles can have more gothic, humorous, or rustic designs, even of a mystical creature with flame coming out of the open mouth. Style is just one more attractive feature of butane lighters that make them so popular, due to the desire to have a lighter that reflects the personality of the person displaying it upon use.

The actual container of a butane lighter, called the body, changes depending on the design of the lighter. Regular or standard butane lighters are small cubes with rounded edges and a top that can be flipped to expose the lighting mechanism. Other types of butane lighters are made to light pipes and have a pistol style grip, allowing the lighter to be turned in the direction that best suits the angle needed to light the pipe.

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