Health & Safety Risks in the Workplace

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    High Shelves

    • If your office uses high storage shelves, be sure to use safe methods for retrieving anything from there. Use stepladders and stepstools that are the proper height for safely reaching items. If you have to extend your arms over your head, then you are not at a safe height to reach for items. Have someone with you to help you retrieve high items, and make sure that your ladder is stable.


    • The cold and flu season can cause people to miss work. Make sure to wash your hands frequently during the day and avoid direct contact with anyone who is sneezing or coughing. Drink plenty of fluids during the day, and be sure to get a shot before the start of each flu season.

    Fire Safety

    • Know where all of the fire exits are in your building, and become familiar with the locations of the fire extinguishers. It is not enough to know where the common employee entrance is; you need to find all of the emergency exits and be ready to use them.

    Office Traffic

    • An office can have many corners and blind spots where people can collide if not careful. Always look before entering a corridor or hallway, and enter slowly in case someone else is entering at the same time. Ask your office manager to install mirrors at the ceiling level in hallways so that people can see each other coming and avoid injury.


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