How to Remove the Speed Control in an F150

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    • 1). Open the hood and prop it upright with the support rod if the F-150 doesn't have spring hinges or hood struts.

    • 2). Move to the driver's side of the engine bay, back by the firewall. The brake master cylinder is located there. You can identify the master cylinder by looking for a narrow, silver, metal rod with a plastic fluid reservoir mounted on top of it.

    • 3). Grasp the speed-control switch connector -- it is plugged into the side of the master cylinder, facing the interior of the engine well. Depress the retaining tab on the connector with your fingers and pull the connector out of the master cylinder.

    • 4). Place the speed control connector against one of the thin, metal brake lines coming out of the master cylinder. Strap the speed control connector to the brake line with a wire tie to make sure it doesn't fall down into the engine bay and become damaged by exhaust.

    • 5). Close the hood of the F-150.


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