Radiator Rod Repair

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    • 1). Pull the tank crimps off the radiator core carefully using the radiator crimp tool. You can purchase a radiator crimp tool through your local auto parts retailer. Remove both tanks by hand to expose the ends of the radiator tubes and then set both tanks aside.

    • 2). Peel the old tank gaskets off the core or the tanks, depending on where they end up after removing the tanks, by hand. Discard the old gaskets.

    • 3). Select the radiator rod from your kit that fits just inside the radiator tubes of your radiator.

    • 4). Shove the rod through the tube until the end of the rod protrudes from the other side of the tube. Wipe the end of the rod off with a rag before pulling it back through the radiator core.

    • 5). Repeat Step 4 on every radiator tube until you've cleared the blockages on all of them. Place the new tank gaskets inside the sealing lip of the radiator tanks by hand. Place the tanks onto the radiator core and fold the crimps back into place using the radiator crimp tool.


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