How to Clean a Fresh Air Vent in a Chevy Cobalt

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    • 1). Purchase some GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator. Dealers buy this product by the case and usually stock it for sale to their customers in 16-oz. spray bottles. It's not available in stores, but you may be able to find it online.

    • 2). Enter your car, turn it on and check that the air fan is off. Open the front windows for ventilation, and then turn off the car. Spray the odor eliminator into all the inside vents in your Cobalt. Spray once or twice into each vent.

    • 3). Start your Chevy Cobalt and put the air fan on high cool, but don't use the air conditioning setting. Get out of your car, close the door.

    • 4). Find the fresh air vent located under the cowl, located at the base of your hood in the area closest to the windshield. It often collects debris, like leaves and twigs, so clean it out thoroughly before continuing.

    • 5). Spray the odor eliminator into the vent 10 times. You may have to open the hood to get a clearer shot at the vent. Enter your Cobalt after a minute and wipe away any excess formula around the vents.

    • 6). Check for any odor coming from the vents. If the vents emit an aroma, spray the outside vent with the odor eliminator five more times. Then, check the smell again after wiping away any formula coming out the vents.

    • 7). Repeat Step 6 until any odor disappears. Then, turn the air conditioning to the recirculation setting, close the windows and spray into the lower right instrument panel area three to five times. Run your Cobalt for five to seven minutes and turn off the car.


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