How to Look Attractive?

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A basic question people usually ask from each other is how to look attractive? Everybody wants to be attractive having more people coming to him/her rather than going to someone else.
Girls would ask how to look attractive in their sittings when they would want to impress their boyfriends and the similar situation would be happening to the boys too.
Answering how to look attractive, people often have this big misunderstanding that modeling looks, long and neat hair, drop dead gorgeous natural looks have to be there in order to look stunning & attractive.
Here are some tips you can follow to look stunning: 1.
A curve that sets everything straight - Smile, is a good way to look attractive.
It makes your personality charming, and lights up your face giving a strong signal that you are very comfortable in every situation.
Laughing and smiling regularly on occasions will definitely get you lots of attraction.
Be yourself - be yourself and be confident.
Always be relaxed and don't feel hesitant in talking to anyone on any situation.
You know thing that the other person you're talking to isn't going to eat you so just be relaxed.
This should be reflected in your welcoming body language that will definitely get the heads turning.
Be active all the time - Looking for more ways on how to look attractive? Well stand straight, don't give the assumption to someone that you are tired or lazy and try to control your sneezes and yawns.
They really are a big turn offs in gaining attraction.
Broad shoulders, flat tummy and chest outwards are all the signals of confidence and manhood.
It answers how to look attractive for both boys and for girls.
Dress up well - you should know what's in and what's out in the trends.
What are the latest designs or formal, party wear and occasional suits? If you don't know how to look attractive via good dressing, then Google it up and you would come across many options of dressings.
Visit local store, try different dresses and make sure not buy in big quantities.
Remember, quality pays more role than quantity if you want more attraction.
Boys, use some gel and have a hair style depending upon the situation.
Girls, make sure your hair are cut proper, either long or short anyway you like but the one that really suits your personality and occasion.
what's the bottom line? So these were the ways to look dashing and make a long lasting impression on someone you even meet for the first & last time in your life.

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