How to Motivate Store Managers

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    • 1). Ask a store manager what you can do to make her job easier. Address any concerns she has and ask her for any suggestions on improving customer service. Employees who feel like their opinions matter are usually happier to do their job.

    • 2). Design an employee appreciation day to keep a store manager motivated. Hand out announcements stating how much her hard work is appreciated and reward her with a gift certificate, pizza party or other similar event.

    • 3). Promote a fun work environment. Encourage your store manager to engage with customers in a friendly and humorous nature. Ensure that she maintains proper decorum and professionalism, but allow room for her to have fun with her job. Customers who see store managers having fun tend to have more fun shopping and spending precious dollars in your store.

    • 4). Acknowledge exceptional accomplishments and a consistently good work ethic. This should inspire the store manager to feel more confident and maintain her effective work patterns.

    • 5). Reward your store manager with monetary compensation, if possible. Set challenging -- yet reachable -- sales goals award her a bonus when the goals are achieved.


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