Spend Your PPI Claim Refund On DIY For Your Home

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The Payment Protection Insurance refund can be used to do a lot in your home.
This refunded PPI money might be what you need to give your home a whole new look.
You can replace your utensils.
It is very embarrassing to present food to your visitors with old and worn out plates, spoons, cups and bowls.
You can use this same money to replace and make an overhaul of the kitchen equipment.
In case you have not cemented your compound and instead have wild grass, you can buy home grass that looks better and is manageable.
Having your compound cemented is also a good option.
The ppi money can be used to buy plants to decorate the compound for you.
Plants like the money plant rose flowers and daisies make a home look so beautiful.
Buy these and plant them yourself as you water on a daily basis.
You can buy a new carpet and curtains for your sitting room.
These should be cost effective.
Ensure that the fabric you pick is of good quality so that it lasts longer.
You can renovate the whole house.
Have it repainted, replace damaged items and repair those that can be repaired.
This is the time to take care of each and every loop hole in the house.
Extra money means a better diet.
Use this money to make yourself or your family a meal that they have longed for for a long time.
This is the perfect time for the family to bond and appreciate each other.
The PPI refund is enough for you to buy Adirondacks for you to sit on as you rest in the shade.
These seats are very comfortable and cheap.
They are easy to carry around and have different pleasant designs suitable for outdoor activities.
Instead of hiring a gardener, you can use the money to buy a pair of secateurs and shears to trim the hedges.
Buy manure for the plants that are slow in growing and put it yourself.
Instead of taking your carpet to the carpet cleaning company and pay for the services, you can buy the carpet shampooer.
The shampooer has a shampoo and tank of water that you will use for the cleaning.
This is the case if you have glass covered stools and table.
There are glass cleaners that are meant for cleaning such items.
Buy the glass cleaner and clean the tables and stools yourself.
Make your PPI refund go as far as possible by working hard yourself and spending wisely.

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