Hen Night T-Shirt Ideas

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    Hen and Rooster

    • Make a hot pink T-shirt for your hen night party. On the front of the shirt, show several hens chasing after a rooster. Be sure to have smiles on the hens' faces and a look of terror on the face of the rooster. Place the same scene on the back of the shirt, but show it from the reverse angle. Be sure to have plenty of dust and feathers flying on this scene. Include an old barn, chicken coop, a cornfield and a haystack in the far distant background.

    Hens Playing Poker

    • Create a shirt featuring four or five hens sitting around a table, playing poker. Include lots of poker chips on the table, and maybe a few beer cans. You could further decorate the table with a bowl of potato chips, a couple of dirty ashtrays, and hanging on the wall, a sign that reads "Chicks Have More Fun."

    Chicks at a Bar

    • Feature a group of hens sitting at a bar, watching a female-oriented show, such as a romantic comedy or talk show, instead of a ball game. Instead of a moose head hanging on the wall, place a rooster head. Another wall hanging could be a sign reading, "Roosters Make Better Soup -- SAVE A HEN!!"

    A Chick at Home

    • The front of this shirt depicts a frazzled hen working over a hot stove. Have a brood of baby chicks scattered around her feet. Feature a rooster in the background reclining in his chair, watching TV and drinking a beer and smoking a cigar. The caption could read, "We Left the Roosters at Home" or "A Chick's Work is Never Done."


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