Personal Bankruptcy and Home Buying

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If you were granted a personal bankruptcy decision over the past several years you know that obtaining new credit is difficult, almost impossible. Fortunately, if you are looking to purchase a home, there are ways for you to still find home financing even with a personal bankruptcy ruling on your credit report. It won't necessarily be an easy thing to do, but you could be in your new home if you explore some of the options open to you.

FHA - People with low to moderate incomes as well as folks that have had credit problems in the past may find some relief in the form of an FHA backed mortgage. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) which itself is part of the Housing and Urban Development department of the US federal government backs loans made by lenders to borrowers. These home loans are very attractive to borrowers and lenders alike: you can afford a home with little or nothing down while the risk of funding your loan is transferred from the lender to the government. This means that where a lender may have considered you to be too much of a risk, they'd reconsider if the FHA was involved. Ask your lender about an FHA backed mortgage option.

VA - Veterans and close family members could find themselves eligible for a loan despite previous financial problems. Like the FHA, the VA relaxes some of the applicant guidelines in order to help you get in a home. Down payments are lower and you could receive a lower interest rate too. Ask a mortgage lender familiar with the VA program how you can apply too.

HUD - When FHA backed mortgages fail, the homes are then transferred directly to HUD. HUD will then try to find a buyer for the home and although HUD will not finance your purchase, you could still be eligible for FHA financing on the very home that went into default previously.

Local and State Programs - Depending on location, you could be eligible for regional financing from an arm of a local government providing loans in distressed areas for below market rates. In many cases these government programs will relax the rules to allow homes to sell to those who otherwise may not be eligible to afford one.

Yes, you may have to do some looking around before you are granted a home post personal bankruptcy. Learn about all of the options and then apply for a loan that is right for you.


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