Only Driving the Car But Not Maintenance Vehicle Is Wrong

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Everyday car only driving the car but not maintenance the car owners are not a few. Tend to anchor or paralysis of a sudden; this had to fill a prescription for Your Choice, surgery and even cross-bore pay "bleeding." In fact, as long as the car with the car thinking about keeping a car, especially on the main assembly systems more care attention and found the following exception immediately ruled out, not only "love horse" youthfulness, they would save time and money and worry.

First, when the engine of the maintenance wearies or forgotten, so that deterioration of the oil deposited in the engine, and ultimately engine damage; caused by poor quality oil valve, three-way catalytic combustion chamber deposits and clogging device, sintering disconsolate I do not know; to appear cold start problems, engine shake, such as callous cold knocking; car a short time, fewer owners can use "frequent meals" refueling method, full tank of fuel is too long to be corroded, valves and other parts will be carbon and jelly caused cold hard start; summer adventure to go deep water, causing the engine inlet, serious damage to internal engine mechanical systems; underpinning ignorant of the engine after the oil spill damage if the oil pan will cause serious engine wear or even scrapped, even in this case the insurance company is not responsible for compensation; in water temperature or oil alarm, press should immediately stop stalling, but insisted to continue driving causing the engine to be scrapped.

Second, the automatic transmission car gearbox once the water is necessary to disintegration maintenance costs greater; manual transmission into reverse while hanging too much too fast movement emerged to fight tooth; automatic gearbox slope parking should hang into N files tighten handbrake, then lift open the brake pedal so that the hand brake after work linked into the P file, otherwise the resulting P file lock; manual transmission clutch in motion not stuffy or hand stalls, otherwise the clutch and shift box of life is not long.

Third, ball screw tightness of the situation and various parts of the chassis should be regularly checked to ensure traffic safety; prevent puncture accident, tire damage, such as the side drum kits do not continue to use, does not change when change is its anti-chaos; in when you step on the brake hand brake alarm, you should immediately check the extent of brake pad wear and brake fluid leaks, do not blindly add brake fluid.

Fourth, the summer air-conditioning is not cooling sometimes occur instantly, as long as the cleaning water tanks and condensers, fault disappears; air conditioning maintenance should go to regular maintenance station provides specialized services and genuine parts, if not pure compressor system mixed refrigerant, would seriously damage the entire system.

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