Inventions of Games for Kids

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    Ancient Kid's Games

    • The kids of the ancient Egyptians spent a good deal of their time outside the homes Egyptian boys enjoyed playing athletic games such as wrestling and boxing while the Egyptian girls enjoyed games that involved dancing, one such game was known as "pressing the grapes". Additionally, ancient Egyptian kids made balls of leather or papyrus filled with horsehair or straw for playing ball-related games. While it is not clear who was the original inventor of the ancient Egyptian kid's games, the games show the antiquity of kid's games.

    Mouse Trap Game

    • A famous board game invention that originally started out as a toy is the Mouse Trap game by marketed by the Milton Bradley Company. The Mouse Trap game was created by Rube Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist and inventor. The Mouse Trap games is built upon the premise of moving mouse game pieces around a game board and building a complex mousetrap contraption out of pre-fabricated pieces that include such items as an old boot, a rickety stairwell and an old man who is launched from a teeter-totter into a old washtub. Goldberg has also inspired modern day videogames such as Incredibots and the Incredible Machine game.

    History of Video Games

    • Video gaming is a big part of many kid's lives, providing kids with a virtual experience through the means of a video game. Many of today's video games are very complex games that take kids into virtual worlds where they interact in situations that mimic real life situations. However, complex modern video games may be; the modern day video game can be traced back to a humble beginning. The first video game was created in 1958 by a government employee at Brookhaven National Laboratory. William Alfred Higinbotham, Head of the Instrumentation Division at Brookhaven created a tennis for two video game to entertain visitors to the laboratory. This invention was the forerunner of the Pong video game that consisted of two straight lines batting a blip back in forth across a TV screen in a simulated tennis match.


    • With modern day computer technology, there are computer applications invented that allow kids to design their own video games. One such site that allows kids to do this is GameBuilder. Kids can register at the My GameBuilder website and design, play and share flash video games. The GameBuilder game building application is free for kids to use and share their creations or to play games created by other users.


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