How to Put Oil in a Titan 12T RC Motor

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    • 1). Release the four clips holding the shell in place, then lift the shell from the frame. Remove the mounting screws holding the Titan 12T motor in place with a Phillips screwdriver, then pull the motor away from the frame. Unclip the power wires connected to the motor to pull the motor entirely free from the vehicle.

    • 2). Place the motor on a flat surface with the motor shaft pointing up. Place two to three drops of oil onto the shaft and wait as it drips down the shaft and into the motor housing.

    • 3). Turn the motor upside down and hold it aloft by the motor housing body. Place one drop of oil onto the other end of the shaft on the base of the motor. Wait for the drop to make its way into the motor housing and onto the motor brushing.

    • 4). Grasp the shaft between two fingers and spin it in order to rotate the motor about five revolutions. This will spread the oil throughout the housing, lubricating the entire motor in the process.


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