Potential Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

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Small start-ups all have one thing in common...a tight budget. If you are starting a small business, one thing you will need is advertising, cheap advertising that will place your products and services in front of the eyes of targeted customers. Having targeted customers view your offerings is highly important. If the individuals viewing your content or ads are not targeted, then they simply form generic, non-converting traffic. All entrepreneurs start businesses as a means to income. Converting traffic brings income. So what are some marketing strategies that can be used to bring targeted traffic?

Article Marketing Strategies. Article marketing is perhaps one of the oldest marketing strategies to date and is perhaps one of the best ways that a company or organization can build a reputation as a resource and brand. Before the digital publishing age, article marketing consisted of placing useful articles in magazines, newspapers and niche journals. For the most part, nothing has changed. This is still exactly what happens. The only difference is the fact that all of the magazines, newspapers and niche journals have all moved online and those who have not successfully made the move will slowly die off. Article marketing is straight forward and simple and if you are a copywriter, there are tons of great article directories that you can submit your content to.

Video Marketing Strategies. Since the inception of video sharing sites, video marketing has taken off like a rocket. The second most used search engine is now a video sharing site as of the publishing of this article. When video sharing first came on to the scene, most videos uploaded were individuals just playing around and uploading videos of themselves goofing off. That has changed dramatically. Video marketing is now one of the most highly used strategies. Many marketers take advantage of the opportunity to convert previously released content, originally found in the printed form, to videos. This is very easy to do and with the right tools, it is a great way to market your services via visual tutorials.

Email Marketing Strategies. The above strategies are both predecessors to email marketing. Email marketing is simply the capturing of an email address in exchange for free information. Once an email is captured or harvested by a willing opt-in, marketing can take one of two different forms. The first form, based around subscribers with a rudimentary understanding of the subject at hand is what is know as a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a series of pre-written emails designed in such a way so as to slowly feed information to the layman. This process slowly brings the layman up to speed with respect to an understanding of the subject, builds up the trust level of the recipient, and gets them used to receiving emails from the sender via an autoresponder. The second form of email marketing is the newsletter. A newsletter is based around continuing education. If a subscriber has finished receiving an autoresponder series and has been brought up to speed with respect to a subject or interest they can then be offered the opportunity to continue their education by subscribing to the company newsletter.

Combination Marketing Strategies. Any of the above strategies can be used in combination. Both article marketing and video marketing are great ways to drive subscribers to your sales funnel and then to your newsletter. Persuasive copywriting is, of course, key to this process. Articles and videos that address problems or issues at hand would not reveal the solution to a problem or situation, but would discuss the problem and then point to the solution that can be found by opting in to a subscription. Widely used, email marketing is the foundation of many marketing campaigns.

All of the above strategies form a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Strategy. If you have a small business and need quality traffic, be it virtual or literal, a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Strategy is a great place to start.

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