Replacement Instructions for a 2005 Yamaha R6 Fuel Filter

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    • 1). Loosen and remove the seat bolts with your socket set and then pull the seat into the up position.

    • 2). Use your socket set to remove the gas tank's air ducts to access the fuel line, tank and carburetor.

    • 3). Locate the fuel line running to the carburetor. There will be clamps on each side of the fuel filter that hold the fuel lines in place on the filter. Squeeze one clamp and remove the fuel line from the filter. Repeat this procedure to remove the fuel like from the other side of the filter.

    • 4). Connect the fuel lines to each end of the new fuel filter. Make sure the filter is installed with the directional arrows on the filter pointing towards the carburetor.

    • 5). Replace the gas tank air ducts with your socket set.

    • 6). Close your R6's seat and then replace the seat bolts with your socket set.


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