How do I Make Sponge & Cork Bath Toys?

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    Floating Lily Pad Game

    • 1). Draw seven lily pads, each 7 inches across, on the sheet of cork with a pencil. Cut the cork lily pads with a sharp craft knife.

    • 2). Draw seven lily pads, each 5 inches across and the same shape as the cork lily pads on the sponges. Use different colored sponges for each lily pad. Cut the sponge lily pads with a sharp craft knife.

    • 3). Glue the sponge lily pad on top of the cork lily pad with waterproof epoxy. There should be a border left around the edge of the sponge lily pad. Allow to dry.

    • 4). Use a waterproof marker and write a number, 1 to 6, on each of the sponge-side of the lily pads. Allow to dry. Cut 20 1-inch slits on the seventh lily pad to hold 20 pennies.

    • 5). Play the lily pad game by floating the six lily pads in the tub. The object of the game is to try and toss the pennies onto the lily pads. The game is scored by the number of pennies landing on the the numbered lily pads.

    Sponge and Cork Boat

    • 1). Cut a sponge into any boat shape with a craft knife.

    • 2). Lay the cork sheet on a plat surface and trace an outline of the sponge boat-shape on it with a pencil. Cut out the cork boat-shape with a craft knife.

    • 3). Glue the sponge boat-shape to the cork boat-shape with epoxy. Allow to dry. The sponge piece will form the top of the boat.

    • 4). Cut a triangular sail from a piece of construction paper. Tape the long side of the sail to a drinking straw.

    • 5). Cut a small hole in the center of the sponge. Do not cut the hole all the way through the sponge. Place the straw with the sail into the hole.

    Sponge Flower Toss Game

    • 1). Lay a sheet of cork on a flat surface. Draw two circles 12 inches wide. Cut out the cork circles with a craft knife. .

    • 2). Cut two 5-inch sections from a 1-inch-wide dowel rod with a hand saw. Sand the cut edges with a medium grade sandpaper.

    • 3). Place one cork circle on a flat surface and glue one dowel rod in a vertical position to the center of it with epoxy glue. Repeat this process with another circle and dowel rod. Allow both to dry.

    • 4). Cut two 2-inch circles from the cork. Glue one circle on the top of each of the dowel rods.

    • 5). Draw six flower shapes approximately 6 inches wide on different colored sponges. Cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.

    • 6). Draw 4-inch circles inside the sponge flower shapes. Cut out the circle with scissors or a craft knife.

    • 7). To play the sponge flower toss game, float the two large cork circles at opposite ends of the tub and take turns trying to throw the flowers onto the dowel rods.


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