My Sagging Breasts Are Not Sagging

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Instead of the usual "good morning" my husband hears every day, the first thing out of my mouth was, "Honey, don't you think I should get a breast lift?" My husband who was brushing his teeth at the time, turned, looked at me, put away his tooth brush and said: "Why would you want to do that? "Well" I said, as women get older gravity takes it's toll and breasts begin to sag.
My husband nodded in acceptance that my explanation made perfect sense and said, "So let's talk when and if, your breast will sag".
As I stood there dumbstruck, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.
The only plausible thing at that moment was to have a smile plastered all over my face and utter, "You're absolutely right, why worry about it now".
As I walked back to my bed I found myself getting back in, rather than making the bed and getting dressed.
As I curled into a fetal position and closed my eyes, I remembered the words of my aunt, "Men only see what we want them to see", she said, and added, "Plus they loose their eyesight sooner then we do".
I clearly recall that her words didn't mean much to me then, but as I played them inside my head I began to see the rational.
This is when I got up, took a note pad and found myself writing: New Year Resolution for 2008 I will NOT ask my husband if I look fat or bloated.
I will NO longer obsess about my thighs, or my behind or my breast for that matter.
I will NOT nag or complain about things that are forgotten by the next day.
I will NOT get upset at him because he is constantly late, after all, I should know better after so many years.
Instead I will tell him: How much I love him.
How happy he makes me feel.
How much effort it takes to look this good.
And finally I will make sure that he doesn't get his eyes checked for at least a decade.
Ladies, love your-self, respect yourself and take pride in yourself.
The rest will follow.

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